The New Natural Healing

I am an avid fan of vintage illustration, and I just can’t get enough of these amazing retro how-tos from the early 1900s. Found in a French edition of Friedrich Eduard Bilz’s 1888 naturopathic medicine guide Das Neue Naturheilverfahren (The New Natural Healing) (public library), they approach natural forms of healing. Divine!

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Pattycake Cats

Pattycake Cats…ils dansent la Capucine. This video is downright adorable…JOYEUX VENDREDI MES AMIS!!

Cliquez sur le photo – “poom!”


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What a wonderful event this is, mes amis! Merci mille fois to Daisy (the brains behind THATLou) for her hard work and for the thoughtful invitation. If you are in Paris over Easter, I would highly encourage you to participate in this wonderful afternoon.

And if you would like to take me to Paris over Easter, I would encourage that highly, as well.



THATLou (TREASURE HUNT ATTHELOUVRE, Chasse aux trésor au Louvre)

 Les règles générales sont assez simples! Nous vous distribuons une liste d’œuvres d’art au début de chaque THATLou. Chaque équipe doit se photographier devant autant d’œuvres d’art se trouvant sur cette liste que possible. Si vous envisagez de ne pas respecter les règles ci-dessous, sachez qu’il y aura des espions dans le musée (hi hi!). Si l’on vous voit courir ou que les membres de votre équipe sont séparés par exemple, vous serez automatiquement pénalisés.

Il s’avère que de fois les questions bonus demandent de poser pour des photos; des autres fois ils sont purement informatives, dans ce cas la réponse peut être toujours trouvée sur les photocopies ou sur les plaques au Musée.

Chaque équipe devrait s’organiser pour trouver ses points forts. Les rôles plus importants sont…

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Oh wow, so this just happened. I AM SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW SHHHHHHH LISTEN. Click here to listen to the brand new single from one of my alltime favorite pop singers, the adorable Yelle!


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Perhaps I’m not the Biggest Fan…

Perhaps I'm not the Biggest Fan

I LOVE breton shirts, and am obsessed with stripes. I would have taken on anyone that might have questioned my allegiance to this timeless pattern. But I am a lady, and I know when I’ve been bested. Kudos to Gaultier, what more can I say.

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Rare Color Photography of Early 1900s Paris

There is something so curious about seeing images of the early 20th century in color – it makes the era feel more tangible. When I initially saw these photographs of turn of the century Paris on Curious Eggs, I was struck by the fact that, somewhere in the back of my head, I seemed to think that the people of the time moved through a hazy world of sepia. I don’t think that the addition of color necessarily takes away from my romantic illusions (or delusions), but it certainly makes the era feel more “real.” It’s almost like we could hop in a zeppelin and visit, which, to be honest, is all I’ve ever really wanted.

Thank you and a huge shout out to my friend Billy Norrby for bringing this to my attention! Billy also happens to be a phenomenal painter with a spectacular sense of color, so it’s all the more fitting that this came from him.

Check out the full collection here.




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“C’était trop Beau” – Sylvie Vartan

A true gem from yéyé superstar Sylvie Vartan. Bon appétit!

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