Partytime in Paris, 1980s – “It Was the Place to Go”

I was delighted when I first caught New York Magazine’s headline “A Rare Glimpse Inside Paris’s 1980s Club Scene”. For whatever reason, the 1980s usually conjure my childhood dreams of New York or, if I’m in a particular mood, my adolescent admiration for London. Images of that era in Paris’s history have entirely eluded me, and it seems reasonable to imagine that that’s not uncommon. I can’t particularly think of much “party” imagery in France, period, as I have so completely overdosed on the decadent melancholy that can be so predominant in Goddard and 18th century novels. Following this logic, parties often end in disaster.

But this wonderful piece, which showcases the work of photographer Ross Whitaker, is filled with lush imagery from a lavish and exclusive world. A successful young fashion photographer that traveled and worked throughout Europe, Whitaker began frequenting Paris’s best parties – and always with his 35 mm camera in tow. In celebration of le weekend, I highly suggest taking a peek at this wonderful piece.


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