If I Were to Go Back to Paris…

I have a torturous habit of swooning over absolutely everything in Paris. To make matters worse, my curiosity and imagination often overpower the memories, and I find that my deep admiration for the city is made even more profound by my excitement for what I’ve yet to experience. Without my next trip in sight, it only makes sense to obsessively google pictures, street views, upcoming events, maps, reviews – whatever I can get my paws on – to satisfy my virtual wanderlust…and dream.

I email links to myself all the time, and they tend to relate to one of three categories: cute dresses, awesome recipes, or French stuff. While I was going through my cache, it occurred to me that it might be fun to share a few of the spots that make me yearn. Please, if you can go, go. And gloat about it. Because it would absolutely be within reason.


Le Cafe des Chats (via Huffington Post)

Aaahhhh, the time-honored tradition of strolling up leisurely to a French cafe, ordering an espresso while cracking open that day’s edition of le Monde, and fussing with Minou. C’est vrai, mes amis – the cat cafe concept, which originated in Japan, has come to Paris! Le Cafe des Chats, located in the fashionable Marais, opened recently to tremendous fanfare, and unbelievably the establishment already suggests that patrons make reservations about a month in advance.

While my initial thoughts were fixated on the potential for people-watching (and do keep in mind that I am a total cat person), I can also appreciate the concept of bringing creature comforts (!!!) to those that dwell in a big city and may not have the space or time to adequately take care of a pet of their own. I also believe that spending time with animals has tremendous psychological benefits, and while I myself am not familiar with how the corporeal may benefit, I became curious upon reading the patron’s defense of ‘purr-therapy’ (including the argument that “purring produces vibrations which relieve arthritis and rheumatism, which lower your blood pressure and your heartbeat”). Fellow French speakers may take interest in this article from Le Monde that discusses “la ronronthérapie”, which the cafe kindly linked to on their site.

From Le Cafe des Chats:


La Tour Paris 13 (via Untapped Cities)

When a former low-income housing project was ordered to be destroyed, the Galerie Itinerrance decided to step in and create an unparalleled opportunity within the street art community. By inviting 80 artists to take over 36 apartments on 10 floors, they conceived of the largest street art exhibition ever to take place. There are currently 4500 square meters of artwork to ogle, but you must act quickly – very sadly, this is a pop up event, and it is slated to end on the 31st of October.

From Street Art Utopia:


L’Eclair de Genie (via Design Taxi)

This is what the caps lock was made for, you guys.

Classic, traditional, even understated or humble, the eclair is one of the greatest culinary achievements that the French have bestowed upon humanity, goddammit.

But depending on who you ask, this classic desert has a small problem: it’s terribly predictable. Indeed, since its introduction in the 1900s, the eclair has not been known to embrace change.


From Eclair de Genie:




Pâtissier Christophe Adam has elevated the traditional desert into something truly breathtaking, and while it is easy for most of us to stick with the classics, his imagination has breathed new life into this modest pastry.

Incorporating ingredients like popcorn, salted caramel, and yuzu, Adams focuses on innovative, delectable flavors that mirror the beauty of the eclairs themselves.



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