FEMEN in Paris

I recently came across this amazing video from Vice News, which focuses on the revolutionary feminist group, FEMEN, and their protest at a French Nationalist rally in Paris. FEMEN, founded in Ukraine in 2008, has taken the world by storm through their controversial and radical protests, resulting in countless branches and supporters worldwide.

I was taken with this footage for a few reasons. Firstly, I am a fan of these women, and find their approach to be rooted in traditional radicalism while remaining extreme enough to garner tremendous amounts of media attention. These women have done a lot to bring feminism back in the spotlight – it seems that everyone is aware of them and their cause, and regardless of whether or not you agree with their approach, that’s what’s ultimately important.

I am also incredibly intrigued by racism in France, and have found it strangely difficult to have an open and productive conversation about the topic. It is not my intention to insult, but it is concerning how many seem to turn a blind eye to the problem, unaware of the insidious repercutions of repackagingĀ  hateful tendencies as “French Pride.” Here, at a Nationalist rally, the group’s true sentiments are quickly revealed when they are faced with these courageous revolutionaries.

Check it out.


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