Paris in April

Okay so first of all, I think it’s critical that we all click this link and make sure that we’re all listening to this song immediately.

Ready? Lovely.

So as many pals of mine know, I was recently given the most incredible gift ever and got to go back to “the motherland,” as it were…it was absolutely phenomenal.

Well before my trip, I’d always wanted to play with a plastic toy camera. I’ve always loved the light leaks and weird ambiance that they seem to lend, and my jealousy was worsened by everyone acquiring smartphones – and thus instagram and dozens of amazing filters, and you know the story..

So on a whim, after saving maniacally for several weeks (which is a feat in this city, I promise you), I finally bought my first Holga. And I am very, very pleased with how some of the photos turned out. Please remember, I’m not a photographer by any means…but I’m happy to share my travel pics regardless.




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Voolay foo foo shay allequoi. Ze za.
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1 Response to Paris in April

  1. Oh but you ARE a photographer – all those double-exposure shots are just great! So sorry we missed one another – you’ll just have to come back.

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