The New Natural Healing

I am an avid fan of vintage illustration, and I just can’t get enough of these amazing retro how-tos from the early 1900s. Found in a French edition of Friedrich Eduard Bilz’s 1888 naturopathic medicine guide Das Neue Naturheilverfahren (The New Natural Healing) (public library), they approach natural forms of healing. Divine!

Thank you to Brainpickings for the post.






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One Response to The New Natural Healing

  1. These are GREAT. If I can find it on my computer I’ll email you a “travelling man” print that my mother sent me an age ago. For that last guy – the ‘Bain de Vapeur a la Tete’ – I suppose he’s standing outside the tub and bending over it? It looks like he’s standing in it, but that doesn’t jive. And the guy next to him, Figure 5, is definitely steaming his bum!

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