Merde de Pigeon!

Once upon a time, I was walking through a particularly charming park near my office in Manhattan when I noticed a beautiful, elegant and well-coiffed woman walking near a group of pigeons. Startled, they flew up at her suddenly, legitimately conjuring Hitchcock’s “The Birds” for one brief and hysterical moment. “Merde de pigeon!!!” she screeched at them, arms flailing in desperation, and I inappropriately burst out laughing. It makes no sense out of this context, but I still try to employ ‘merde de pigeon’ as some sort of exclamation or expletive from time to time. How could I not?

French women and pigeons just make sense to me, and so I’ve been collecting images as I stumble across them.

It’s hard! Clearly I’m stretching a bit here. But perhaps you can find more.

Courbet, “Girl and Pigeons”


Sylvie Vartan (!!!)


Greuze, “Innocent Girl with Two Pigeons”


Francoise Hardy

Brigitte Bardot



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