Oral Sex as Anti-Smoking Campaign

The French have long established a history of flirting with sexual taboos, but this recent anti-smoking campaign has received a lot of heat from feminist and pro-family organizations. Featuring young teens kneeling before an older man with a cigarette in place of his bonaparte, the caption reads, “Smoking is to be a slave to tobacco,” and many agree that the image is somewhat unsettling.

Founded on the idea that “tobacco is a form of submission,” the creators are resorting to scare tactics to put a halt on the rising numbers of young French teens that feel inclined to light up.

I understand the thinking behind such shock campaigns, but it does make me feel uneasy to see an image of violence exploited in such a way. Even if the goal in mind is one that I am able to get behind, I can’t quite agree with such scare tactics, particularly when the imagery employed creates such a visceral reaction for so many. I am curious as to what others may think. You can read more on the Independent.



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One Response to Oral Sex as Anti-Smoking Campaign

  1. Maybe oral sex could be a CURE for smoking!

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