Art Deco Travel Posters, Part Deux

I search Google images compulsively…so why not marry compulsion with a false sense of productivity! It seems only fitting that I make an effort to curate a little collection here. I particularly enjoyed pulling together vintage art deco travel posters the last time, so why not do it again. They are timeless and compelling, and they never fail to fill me with a desire to pack up a single white linen ensemble and a scarf and just hit it. I hope you enjoy.

Admittedly, the following three deviate from the theme somewhat. But I stumbled upon them during my search, and they are absolutely wonderful. And they’re vintage travel posters, technically, but I digress…


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Voolay foo foo shay allequoi. Ze za.
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4 Responses to Art Deco Travel Posters, Part Deux

  1. Mari says:

    Hey! I got a real kick out of this post. False sense of productivity! ha!

  2. Sally says:

    Hey, I adore the first posting of the Wgytion poster. Any idea where’s could get it from?

    • fauxfrench says:

      Hi Sally, thank you for reading and also for your comment! Sadly, I simply archive images as I stumble across them, and I am not sure which poster you are referring to. Hopefully an image search of “vintage art deco travel posters” will lead you to it, and there are a number of online stores that sell posters, as well. Merci!

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