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The Complete “Les Fleurs du Mal,” Online, for You

Most overly-sensitive-yet-thoughtful teenagers that I knew growing up had a Sylvia Plath phase at one point or another. She had rage and daddy issues, and was a complete solipsist. She was easy to relate to. I found that more often … Continue reading

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Art Deco Travel Posters, Part Deux

I search Google images compulsively…so why not marry compulsion with a false sense of productivity! It seems only fitting that I make an effort to curate a little collection here. I particularly enjoyed pulling together vintage art deco travel posters … Continue reading

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La “Mélon-colie”

France is home to arguably some of the greatest foods in the world. Immediately one is likely to conjure images of croissants, cheese, charcuterie…yet it is time that we acknowledge an unheralded and unassuming champion. It is time that we … Continue reading

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