New Biography Argues that Chanel was Nazi Spy

Coco Chanel is arguably one of history’s most intriguing women, regardless of whether you are interested in her progressive, feminist thinking or her revolutionary design work. She had a strong sense of identity which translated into a carefully tailored aesthetic, and the drama that infused the artist’s fashions seems to overflow from her exciting, yet turbulent, personal life.

Most are aware that Mademoiselle Chanel carried on an affair with a German officer during the Second World War, although it’s generally been argued that their relationship was the victim of bad timing – to say the least. However, a new biography argues that her involvement with the gentleman symbolized much more than a simple torrid romance – it was, in fact, a sinister glimpse into her true sentiments during this tumultuous time. Indeed, journalist Hal Vaughn believes that Chanel was in fact a Nazi sympathizer, collaborator, and spy. He claims that the famous designer, aka “Westminster,” was even actively involved in SS recruitment and the collection of information for Abwehr, the German Military Intelligence Agency.

You can learn more about this fascinating (and hopefully untrue) story here.


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