Julia Child Makes a New Friend

Salut mes amis!

Ahh, summertime. I had so many projects planned with the intention of experiencing a period of total productivity, but alas – summer is ultimately about gluttony with loved ones; and perhaps most importantly, feeling remorseful on the beach the following day. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I have about 5 half-written articles that I’m excited to share with you here and at Untapped, but you see, yesterday was Julia Child’s birthday. And that meant I had to watch clips of Julia cooking. Have you ever really watched “The French Chef”? She is an absolute delight. My obsession with Julia began when I first saw “Julie & Julia”, and it’s taken until about now to realize that I wasn’t necessarily hooked on Julia Child, but rather I was into the idea of Meryl Streep as Julia Child. But that is neither here nor there.

Julia Child is an energetic woman with an ebullient charm, and I love her most for discovering her calling so late in life and being so damn successful. She easily could have led a life of leisure, but she was too passionate and feisty. Her ardent zeal for food changed the way Americans cooked. She’s why we don’t eat marshmallow fluff and spam every day.

Her cookbook makes some of the world’s finest cuisine accessible, and her programing makes me feel like I could butcher the entire animal my damn self. Julia is fearless in the kitchen and inspires me to approach the culinary world similarly. I’m still not into aspics, though.

I just loved this footage of Julia Child cooking a lobster…this is something I’ve been meaning to try, but I’ve felt intimidated. However, Julia makes it seem incredibly easy to deal with these particular dinner guests.

Click on the picture, take note of :12…..baapbaapbaap! Kichi kichi!

And here is the wonderful footage of how we cook a lobster, from tickling to ‘checking on the green matter’ (ew). I think I keep watching it just to admire the seaweed that little dude is wrapped in – seriously, what quality. I kind of hate the producers, knowing that they got to sample Julia Child’s masterpiece after the cameras stopped rolling…

Click the image for more Julia awesomeness…yaaaargh!


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2 Responses to Julia Child Makes a New Friend

  1. laura says:

    she’s kind of scary in the second picture but i kind of love it!

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