How to Swear in French

I have a confession: despite how much French I’ve learned (and don’t get me wrong, I am forever forgetting things and learning others), I have never fully grasped how to swear. I can navigate the basics (“merde”), and I’ve recently been inclined to elevate said basics to the next level (“merde de _____”). But I’ve heard such wonderful, passionate exclamations whose translations resonated so brilliantly that otherwise banal or even potentially upsetting moments have become some of my more amusing memories. This is the league I need to be in.

I went looking for what I hoped would be some witty and over-the-top instructional video, which I don’t recommend, as there’s totally a lot of obnoxious stuff out there. Unsurprisingly.

But thank goodness, I found…this guy. This guy, whose “How to Swear in French, Part One” I can’t manage to locate,  gets right down to business in part two, covering a lot of solid territory while employing the use of word bubbles.



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2 Responses to How to Swear in French

  1. tom vasquez says:

    simply brilliant. THIS is what the interwebs was invented for! magnifique!

    • fauxfrench says:

      merci merci! i really appreciate that…haha, i think that this is a definite step in the right direction post potato article…..what a flop! 🙂

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