Things are A-brewin at Fauxfrench!

Bonjour mes amis!

I would like to apologize for having been so tardy to the party. Numerous projects have been brewing at Fauxfrench HQ and I had to step away somewhat from writing, but please do not be concerned – I have not forgotten you, my dear friends! (And dad……HI PAPPI!)

I realized that one thing I would like to do is post with more regularity, but this ultimately means moving away from my ‘novella’ format somewhat. While I do plan to continue writing my little essays, I think that it would also be worthwhile to share images, songs, and other little cultural bits worthy of your attention.

Fauxfrench is also beginning to experience a redesign, albeit behind the scenes (aka on my bedroom floor…OH LA LA!). Those familiar with my collages should know that this means some very cute images are going to be decorating these pages very soon. I’m going to say by Monday, because then I’ll feel obligated to finish. Or Tuesday! Let’s make it Tuesday.

In addition, I have recently been approached by a lovely writer at another wonderful blog, and there have been talks of collaborating. I won’t spill the beans quite yet, but I eagerly anticipate posting both here and there very soon and am pleased as punch that she thought to invite me to contribute.

I think that about does it! As an extension of the proverbial olive branch, I would like to share with you one of my all-time favorite music videos by the inimitable Henri Salvadore. You’re going to love it…just click on the little mademoiselle below!

Bisous, et à la prochaine!

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Voolay foo foo shay allequoi. Ze za.
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