Retro Saul Steinberg Paris Wallpaper

Saul Steinberg’s distinctive line work has consistently been a favorite of mine, and it reminds me of the simple – yet sophisticated – sensibility of vintage French drawings. So it seems perfectly fitting that, back in 1946, he designed this charming Parisian-themed wallpaper for Schumacher. Oui oui oui!

Amazingly, this gorgeous paper is still in production, and it appears that it continues to do well as they are selling it for around $400 a double roll. Jerks.

I will be setting up a paypal account to raise funds to decorate the Faux French offices (aka my bedroom), in case anyone cares to make a contribution. I’m kidding! Maybe!

And a big shout out to for this terrific write up. If you’re into vintage interiors, this is a great blog.

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2 Responses to Retro Saul Steinberg Paris Wallpaper

  1. laura t. says:

    love!!! i kind of really want this @_@ so cool!!

  2. Gail Gaynin says:

    ditto what laura t. says

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