The time has come! The time is now! It had taken more time than I’d originally hoped for, but mesdames et messieurs, this only means that I have been afforded the opportunity to begin this project by making a terrible joke about the French and punctuality. YOU’RE WELCOME!

At any rate, I am so happy to welcome you to Faux French, a new writing and research project that seems like it has been in the works for an eternity. Perhaps I should explain.

Between a genuine love of writing and my sheepishness at the frequency with which I post videos and images on Facebook, it became very clear to me that I should begin a vanity project, namely in the form of a blog.

But I am stubborn, and I like to stand out. I didn’t want my project to be some vainglorious endeavor. I didn’t want to be yet another lifestyle or music blog, despite the fact that I like life and music. I wanted some sort of theme that I could always come back to – I’ve always been big on concepts. And most importantly, I wanted to write about something that would amuse me and my friends.

I’ve also always been very big on French culture. It is generally quite clear to those that meet me now, but ever since I was a child I have felt drawn to that world. Perhaps it was dancing around the house to Edith Piaf when I was 4 with my mother. Perhaps it was my experiences in an awesome immersion school until the 6th grade. Lord knows that in my twenties, I’m a sucker for Frenchmen. Whatever the reason, so many things that I love now – in fashion, music, art, literature, whatever – is often French. And despite being a mutt of like 6 or 7 different varieties of euro, France seems to be the one country that my family heartlessly left out of my lineage.

So I studied French Literature, Language, and Culture (the abbreviated title for this major is ‘poverty’). I practice my “garçonne” look religiously. I enjoy passionate, heated conversations, horrifyingly tragic endings, and the color black. I am about as close as one can get to being French without coming particularly close at all (especially when you consider my Midwestern propensity to smile too much). And I am making it my duty to teach you to be Fake French, as well.

Merci for reading, and I’ll be getting to the good stuff in a day or two. À bientôt!

About fauxfrench

Voolay foo foo shay allequoi. Ze za.
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7 Responses to Bienvenue!

  1. Mr WordPress says:

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  2. laura t. says:

    congrats on your blog launch!! very excited to keep up with it 🙂

  3. Rahim Virani says:

    yo dogg. congrats on the blog. you should totally install for commenting (i use le wordpress).

  4. Scott Bakal says:

    Looks like it’ll be an interesting blog to read. I love France and long for the day to go back, buy a château and look at the beautiful light. Good luck!

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